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Mini Mystery Garden

MMG Set Contents - Danica.jpg

    Growing Instructions

  1. Please ask an adult to help you. Remove all contents from the paper liner and check that you have: A Pack of Dusty Soil (dry compost), a Pack of mystery seeds, a pencil, a Tape Measure, and 3 growth charts.

  2. Empty the Dusty Soil into a bowl and add 10 tbsp cold water (100ml). Mix until damp.

  3. Straighten the paper liner inside the box and press the damp compost firmly into it.

  4. Sow your seeds by pushing them into the damp compost, spacing them evenly.

  5. Place the box on a plate, and leave it in a warm sunny place, like a windowsill.

  6. Regularly add a few drops of water to keep the compost damp, and as your seedlings grow, measure them, and record their growth on the chart.

Add more water 1.png
MMG Made Up Set_edited.jpg
MMG Seeds - Danica_edited.jpg


MMG Seedlings - Danica_edited.jpg




Look out for updates when the other's grow!

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